kaalsarpyog remedy

kaalsarpypyog remedy from Siddheshwar Dhaam

A lot of blessings by Shri Shri Guru Maharaaj ji.


54th Kaalsarpyog Remedy mahayagya will be held on 14th Dec 14 Lucknow,India at Shri Siddheshwar Dhaam. A (Siddh Place of Shri Rahu Maharaaj Ji, For Kaalsarpyog Remedy) Shri Siddheshwar Dhaam, 6th Miles sitapur road,Lohungpur, Lucknow,India.


Those people who are effected with Kaalsarpyog.Shri Shri Guru Maharaaj ji is a medium between you and Shri Rahu Maharaaj Ji.He has been working for last 20 years for those people who have critical problems and unbalanced condition in life due to kaalsarpyog.
The person who have Kaalsarpyog in his horoscope. Always suffers from wealth, mental disturbance in married, life, delay in Marriage, Bad dreams and snake’s dreaming, child problem, business & job problem, sudden death, Different fears and worries never get full reward of his work, Normally the success in work is delayed, Sudden loss of money, prestige is an indication of this Kaalsarpyog. The person without any reason suffers from diseases that are not cured by medicine, The prescribed remedies of Kaalsarpyog can give relief from these problems according to horoscope. The prescribed remedies of kaalsarpyog can give you relief from these problems.
Those people who want to do remedy by kaalsarpyog mahyagya stay at their home or at the dhaam. Please fill the form given on contact page in website and do personal conversation with Shri Shri Guru Maharaaj ji.Please contact and reserve your place as seats are limited.

Those people who unknown about kaalsarpyog and facing a lot of problems in life and interested in get remedy will also fill the form given on contact page in website and do personal conversation with Shri Shri Guru Maharaaj ji.


Fill contact form on website


Website- http://kaalsarpyog-gurumaharaaj.com/
Phone: 09335215475,09919822340,09889651220
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